Who we are

Base Tech Solution is composed of a Team IT Consultants, Engineers knowledgeable, Developers in Blockchain, Cloud computing and Mobile Apps with a mission to bring to businesses a viable solution that can have a huge impact on their growth and can help them to thrive and improve effective collaboration within the enterprise.

Our services are designed to guide companies to implement secure multiparty collaboration based on scalable platforms using the Blockchain technology. Our organization can implement digital solutions worldwide. We are always dedicated to create amazing results for our Clients.

Blockchain is definitely a game changer innovative technology that will ultimately transform shared business processes. This technology has the potential to disrupt almost every industry in the near future. The demand for Blockchain technology has increased over the years. Our experts have years of experience and expertise to grasp your needs and provide outstanding solutions that suit your requirement.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to use a unique consultative approach to bring more organisations into an innovative, compelling, massive technology that can challenge our actual economic model.

Our company is built on the foundation of honesty and integrity which are key to our company culture.


Dedicated to the success of our clients and employees


It is our vision to empower more businesses to embrace innovative cutting edge technologies.


We carry each action with honesty that will foster trustworthiness among our clients and partners and our engagement with others.


Through collaboration we multiply our contribution leading to greater success.

We support you every step of the way

We deliver viable digital solutions that can improve effective collaboration within your enterprise and impact your growth.


We are participating in the building of better sustainable world with information technology.

Decentralisation and Blockchain is the perfect fit to empower global enterprises.


We provide the best of breed cutting edged technologies services to enable organisations to run their businesses and operations with a better collaboration.

We deliver effective solutions to enhance the competitive advantages of our clients.


We are passionate and determined to embrace and drive change, we take ownership and accountability at every step establishing trust with communication.

News & Resources

Conventions 2022

Conventions 2022

Blockchain events 2022 Conventions JANUARY 1/14: "India Blockchain Week", this convention will blow your mind. 1/17: "The North American Bitcoin Conference" in Miami. 1/24: "The Science of Blockchain Conference 2022", go to the university of Stanford ! To...



What is an NFT ? "Non Fungible Token" or NFT uses blockchain technology to certify the authenticity and ownership of a specific and unique digital object. NFT In economics, fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units...



Blockchain is an innovative technology disrupting the health sector. The use of blockchain in healthcare sector brings real changes. This ecosystem offers opportunities for securing the exchange of medical data. Blockchain allows interoperability between...