by | Sep 10, 2020 | Trends

Blockchain is an innovative technology disrupting the health sector.

The use of blockchain in healthcare sector brings real changes.

This ecosystem offers opportunities for securing the exchange of medical data. Blockchain allows interoperability between each actor. The technology allows the sharing of data but keeping an optimal level of security. Consequently, the system maintains confidentiality and security.

For example, the data base software used by hospitals, doctors or pharmacists make information sharing less secure. The blockchain makes it possible to have a summary of a patient’s file. As a result, his file is accessible by all healthcare professionals with the patient’s consent.

With this technology, everyone has access to the patient’s medical file, always with the patient’s permission. we consequently  save precious time in cases of urgency.  the user, can manage the data sharing and allow the technology to make his or her data public. The owner can also see who is modifying them and when.

Blockchain has the potential to deliver healthcare solutions.

Thanks to its features, blockchain provides concrete solutions in this sector.

Clinical trials are an essential step in bringing generic medicines to market. To verify the efficacy and safety of a health product, development relies on patient participation. This technology allows data traceability and storage. The process is recorded all the stages in the blockchain. In that event, the immutability and transparency of the system give it a solid foundation.

Lastly, the technology fights counterfeiting and everyone knows that is a real problem. Blockchain technology reduces this phenomenon. Traceability allows all the actors in the chain to verify the origin and integrity of drugs.

Thanks to its decentralized and unalterable system, the blockchain makes it possible to secure patient’s medical records. At least, it promotes the interoperability of computer systems and records medical data from all parties involved. To conclude, the technology pledges trust within the consortium. Blockchain opens up new perspectives!