Trends blockchain

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Trends

2020 will be a strategic year for business projects based on the trends of blockchain.

New perspectives, trends of blockchain, will emerge! Most companies using this technology will undeniably impact their growth.

Choose a platform and the associated language then install the necessary tool on your workstation. Then just start the blockchain by creating the first block with all the necessary characteristics. After taht, opt for the most suitable consensus protocol. In other words, this is the start of a democratization of the blockchain. One of the trends of blockchain for 2020.

Everything related to the cloud will be topical this year. The Chinese giant Alibaba has seen its turnover soaring.

Cloud computing applications

All services associated with the cloud should experience strong growth.

Remember that the cloud consists of using remote computer servers via a network. Usually the Internet, to store or use data. The aim is to offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale.

Typically, you pay only for the cloud services you use. Manage your infrastructure more efficiently, and scale the service to meet your business needs. So, cloud services are emerging around the world.

The e-commerce sector is particularly suitable for this ecosystem.

The unalterable registration allows ease of payment method and order processing.

This results in a much more simplified process. In addition, customers are reassured about the immutable secure system. Each block is linked by the hash of the previous block. Therefore any processing can be followed and thus allows to build a relationship of trust between each intervening party. In conclusion, being unalterable and decentralized would reduce customer complaints.

Blockchain trends in constant evolution

Electronics giant Samsung just unveiled the new S20.

An electronic wallet equips the phone. Consequently, the wallet connects to the blockchain through the Knox platform.

This platform meets the needs of businesses. Therefore, the security provides to store data and applications available by companies. The user will automatically install applications compatible with the Knox platform.

This new technological era of mobile phones will be an undeniable trend. The blockchain solutions on mobile phones will be a revolution. In this market, it should bring real competition. Some companies are already on development projects.